Electronic Monitoring

The Electronic Monitoring Program is available to the Superior Court of Los Angeles County as an alternative to custody in accordance with California Penal Code 1203.016.  Authorized by the Board of Supervisors, the Probation Department contracts with a private company to provide electronic monitoring services, as part of Los Angeles County’s Community Based Alternatives to Custody.  Eligible, post-sentenced Los Angeles County adults in custody (inmates) are screened for possible participation, including court-ordered participation.  Defendants can be referred to the program on misdemeanor or felony cases either prior to conviction as a pretrial release, or after conviction as a sentencing option.  Pretrial Services employees:

Conduct interviews with eligible defendants
Check the defendant’s criminal background (if any)
Report the findings to the court or Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Verify the defendant’s information with provided references
Complete an assessment to determine the defendant’s suitability for electronic monitoring

If electronic monitoring is ordered the court, special conditions such as breath alcohol testing, drug testing, counseling, community service, and/or substance treatment may also be issued by the court while the defendants are electronically monitored.

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