If you were just released from county jail or the court, following your sentencing, and you were ordered by the Court to report to the Probation Department for supervision, you need to report within 48 hours or within the time frame ordered by the court. When you report to the Probation area office, tell the receptionist that you were just recently released from jail, or referred from Court, and you need your orientation instructions.

Important documents to bring to your orientation:

Verification of Residence

This can be a letter or other correspondence with your name and the address where you reside, a copy of a rental agreement, or a signed letter from your landlord verifying that the address presented is your residence.

Valid Identification

Driver’s license, California I.D., any identification with your name, picture, or signature.

Documents Given By Court

This may include a copy of the sentencing minute ordered, a referral card with your next court appointment, a referral for registration as a narcotics, gang, arson or sex offender or proof of registration of any one of these requirements, if so ordered by the Court.

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