Juvenile Records FAQ


How do I request Juvenile Records ?

Please download and fill out the JUV 010 form, save and attach to an email and send to:

*Please note that Juvenile Records cannot be subpoenaed and are not considered Public Records.

Who can request Juvenile Records?

Entitled parties or agencies listed under Welfare & Institutions Code (WIC) §827, WIC §786(g)(1)(J) California Rules of Court (CRC), rule 5.552, and Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) Local Rules (LR), rule 7.2

What is the contact information if I have any questions?

For questions regarding Juvenile Records, you can send an email to

How will I receive the requested records?

Juvenile records are sent via Secure email or Teams link.

How soon will I receive the requested records?

Please allow three (3) to four (4) weeks for your records request to be processed. All Juvenile Records requests are processed in the order in which they were received.

What type of Juvenile Records can I request?

Delinquency Records: Physical file includes arrest reports, intake reports, court reports, minute orders, evaluations, school reports/certificates, parents’ information etc.

Probation Records: Probation Case Management System (PCMS) records: Special incident Reports, Physical Incident Reports, Detention Observation Reports, Probation Case Notes

Arrest Disposition: Arrest information and final court disposition

How can I seal my Juvenile Records?

For Juvenile Sealings please contact: PROB-Juvenile Sealings

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