The Los Angeles County Probation Department’s Honor Guard was established in October of 2021 and serves the Department and the families of fallen officers with excellence and dignity.

This distinguished team comprises sworn officers assigned to the Department’s Juvenile Halls, Camps, Emergency Services, and Field Operations. The Honor Guard is service-oriented. When called upon to serve in times of tragedy, they are charged to support families by providing casket watch and flag folding ceremonies for the memorial services of sworn staff with the utmost precision, reverence, and respect.

Even though the charge calls for the officers to sometimes be in the most difficult of circumstances, they are committed and take pride in the privilege to serve. Their deep sense of duty and commitment gives them the strength to endure difficult times. Each Officer truly believes that it is an honor and privilege to serve in this role. The honor guard also provides flag-bearing services for official events.

If you are interested in requesting Honor Guard services for an event or an active or retired sworn Officer’s memorial, please email PROBHonorGuard@probation.lacounty.gov

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