About Probation

Did you know LA Probation ….

Is currently the largest probation services agency in the United States, and presumably the world with over 6,500 employees and an operations budget of more than $900 Million. Two-thirds of the Department’s staff are sworn officers.

Operates 50, fully-staffed, individual facilities throughout that serves more than 80,000 people who are currently on probation in Los Angeles.

Supervises 12,000 state parolees in the California Prison Realignment Plan, otherwise known as AB 109. In addition, 60,000 adult probationers are supervised at 19 area offices throughout Los Angeles County.

Supervises approximately 340 youth in nine residential treatment service facilities (juvenile camps), and approximately 700 within the three juvenile halls. Youth assigned to juvenile facilities receive rehabilitative services throughout their detention from three to 12 months.

Supervises less than 900 at-home probation youth through the Placement Services program that includes probation foster youth and probation youth living in group homes.

Los Angeles County Probation Department’s Juvenile hall and camp population continues to decrease as the Department moves toward supervising only the most high-risk youth in facilities, and diverting many youth to receive probation services at home.

Leads the way in providing cutting-edge juvenile residential treatment services with the creating and implementation of the “L.A. Model” at Campus Kilpatrick in Malibu.

Supervises 863 juveniles through the Camp-to-Community Transition Program (CCTP) which provides services that supports a youth’s productive and successful transition home after serving time in a juvenile camp facility.

Endeavors to build a foundation of trust with community groups, stakeholders and agencies to carry out the mission of the Department to operate sustainable and ongoing public safety initiatives for juvenile and adult probation services in the County.

Focuses on public education and awareness to foster a good understanding of Department operations through proactive communication and engagement linkages. The Department’s objective is to develop an environment within the County where communities can participate in our efforts to rebuild lives and sustain healthy families.

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