Annual Report

The Los Angeles County Probation Department’s 2021 Annual Report chronicles the variety of Probation programs, illustrating the advancements of key issues and highlighting the many successes of the thousands of men and women who serve L.A. County communities as employees of the Probation Department. 2021 brought the County and the Department numerous, tremendous challenges.
Despite these challenges, the department continued to provide exceptional services to clients.

In 2021, L.A. County Probation continued offering incarceration alternatives, providing rehabilitative and reentry services.

“The Department is an organization that stays at the forefront of criminal justice and continues to serve as a bridge between the community and law enforcement. Our employees are not only qualified and trained to do this work, but they go above and beyond to provide services that help transform the lives of our clients. I invite everyone to review this annual report and hope that when you see the data and the photographs, you will better understand the department, our work, and the wonderful people that make the department.” Chief Probation Officer, Dr. Adolfo Gonzales.

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