Permanent Instructions

In most cases, you will be seen by a probation officer assigned to the Supervision Intake Team (SIT). This probation officer will provide you with the following:

You will be provided with permanent probation instructions, which include the rules and regulations of the Probation Department for all probationers under supervision. This will include instructions to report to the probation officer as directed, not leave the county of Los Angeles without the permission of the probation officer or the court, and instructions to register as a narcotics, gang, and arson or sex offenders if required by law.

The probation officer will explain your conditions of supervision including all orders of the Court recorded on the sentencing minute order or court docket.

The probation officers will provide you with refer you to any court ordered treatment programs, and provide instruction on how to complete any court ordered community service or community labor.

The probation officer will provide you with information on how and when to register as narcotics, gang, arson, or sex offender and when proof of registration is due. It is important that sex offenders register with local law enforcement with 5 days of their release from jail or they may face further prosecution for failure to register.

The probation officer will explain how long your will be under probation supervision, eligibility to early termination.

The SIT probation officer will also explain the payment of any court ordered restitution, fines, fees, or payments for supervision services. If requested, the probation officer will refer you to a Probation Department Financial Evaluator to determine the client’s ability to pay. All modifications of probation are determined by the court.

Once the orientation is complete, you will be given a copy of your signed permanent probation instructions, the court ordered conditions of supervision, and signed financial documents, and a referral to your supervision probation officer, or a referral to the probation office closest to your residence for assignment to a supervision probation officer. You will also be instructed when to report.

Temporary Instructions

In some cases, such as reporting toward the end of the business day, you may be provided with temporary instructions and a return appointment for your permanent probation instructions. It is important that you return to complete the intake process on the date provided

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