Probationers assigned to this level of supervision are required to register with local law enforcement pursuant to Penal Code section 290, regardless of whether the current offense is a sex offense or not. The probationers report to the area office once a month for a face-to face meeting with their probation officer.  They will be seen once a month in the community by their probation officer. All eligible probationers assigned to the sex registrant caseload are required to be supervised in accordance with the Containment Model for Sex Offenders. Containment Model, is a comprehensive strategy to manage offenders in a systematic and thorough manner. The central goal of the Containment Model is supporting community and victim safety by holding sex offenders responsible for the harm they inflict and helping them recognize and redirect the inappropriate thoughts and feelings that form the pathways to their crimes. The model recognizes multiple entities play important roles in the community management of sex offenders and emphasizes the importance of open collaboration between these key players. In accordance with state law, all high risk sex offenders are placed on Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) monitoring for the duration of their felony probation supervision.

Static 99

The Static 99 Program is designed to:

Measure the risk prediction of sexual and violent reconviction of adult males
Against a child or a non-consenting adult
Who have already been charged with or convicted of at least one sexual offense

Pretrial Services employees assigned to the Static 99 Program perform a risk assessment, and prepare a report for the court’s consideration.

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