The Community Relations Office (CRO) endeavors to build a foundation of trust with community groups, stakeholders and agencies in order to carry out the mission of the Department to operate sustainable and ongoing public safety initiatives for juvenile and adult probation services in the County.   The CRO focuses on public education and awareness to foster a good understanding of Department operations through proactive communication and engagement linkages.  Our objectives are twofold; to move the Department’s community corrections agenda toward building community capacity that is grounded in the principles of evidence-based practices and to develop an environment in the county where entire communities participate in efforts to rebuild lives and sustain healthy families and children.

Community Relations Office
9150 East Imperial Highway
Downey, CA  90242

Community Events and Speakers Bureau
The Department regularly participates in community events that promote and foster our vision to “REBUILD LIVES AND PROVIDE FOR HEALTHIER AND SAFER COMMUNITIES”. The Department is committed to transparency and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the general public in general and our neighbors in particular. To this end, the CRO operates a Probation Speakers Bureau to facilitate program information and material dissemination to business groups, community organizations, and schools. To request a presentation or submit an invitation to your event email us at

College Intern Program
Under the auspices of the County of Los Angeles Academic Internship Program, the Probation Department has partnered with local and national universities and colleges to offer internships in the criminal justice field. Internships are unpaid-learning opportunities in probation operations that earn academic credit. For more information regarding the College Intern Program please submit your inquiry to

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