Child Trafficking Unit

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The Los Angeles County Probation Department is the only probation department in the nation with a specialized unit to support youth on probation who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).
Developed in 2012 as a collaborative effort between Probation and the Courts, the Child Trafficking Unit (CTU) provides intensive, strengths-based support and case management services to youth through increased engagement, case consistency, and extensive multidisciplinary teaming with both agency partners and non-governmental organizations. The crux of the work of the CTU has always centered around building strong relationships, with partners in order to facilitate effective collaboration, and with youth in order to accomplish greater engagement and healing.
The Department has worked closely with the Board of Supervisors and other agency partners in order to develop effective, Countywide prevention and intervention strategies for youth. Representatives from the CTU have also spearheaded several initiatives throughout the County, including county-wide awareness training, innovative collaborative protocols, and an annual Empowerment Conference for youth, to name a few.  To learn more about these initiatives and more, be sure to check out “All Hands On Deck: Identifying and Supporting Commercial Sexually Exploited Youth in the Juvenile Justice System,”.

We hope that the tools and resources provided here will be a guide for other jurisdictions interested in learning more and developing stronger support and services for youth who have experienced CSE.

For more information, please browse the resources below and do not hesitate to contact the Child Trafficking Unit at


Probation Department employees are mandated reporters of child abuse. Any employee who observes, had knowledge of, or reasonably suspects child abuse is required to make a report to the Child Protection Hotline.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation is a form of child abuse and must be reported.


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