Juvenile Sealing

The closing and/or removal (sealing) of a person’s juvenile records is established by law in the “California rules of the court,” rule 5.830 sealing records – former wards (persons who were under 18 years of age, and had the court makes legal decisions on their behalf), under California Welfare and Institutions Code 781.  A former ward of the court may request (petition) the court to have their juvenile records to be sealed. Determination under California Welfare and Institutions Code 781 must be made by the court in the county in which ward ship was last terminated.  To be eligible for sealing, the former ward must meet the following standards:

Must be age 18, or 5 years must have passed from last arrest or discharge from probation
Must not have been convicted, in an adult court, of any felony or serious misdemeanor, and must be able to demonstrate that they are “rehabilitated” (not engaged in criminal activity)
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