Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) investigators assigned to the Central Adult Investigations (CAI) and Adult Services Court Officer Team (ASCOT) offices are tasked with reviewing criminal case-related documents and automated records, interviewing principals and interested parties in the case, and evaluating the information so that they can formulate a recommendation and produce a report for the court’s review and consideration. There are a variety of reports (i.e., Early Disposition, Pre-Plea, Probation and Sentence, Post Sentence, and Bench Warrant Pickup) that are produced by these same DPOs depending upon the nature/type of criminal proceedings. ASCOT’s DPOs investigate complex criminal cases and are available to designated court locations for emergent on-site issues and/or questions, while CAI’s DPOs handle the balance of incoming investigations, including those referred to and handled by the Early Disposition Program (EDP) for expedited sentencing. The Custodian of Records, Supervision Intake and Drug Court DPOs are likewise attached to the ASCOT program and handle incoming requests for information from outside agencies and provide Supervision Intake and Drug Court supervision-related services, respectively.

Lastly and significantly, the information and recommendations as offered by the investigating DPOs are used to guide the court’s sentencing decisions, including whether or not the named defendants are legally eligible and suitable for community-based supervision efforts by the Probation Department. As such, this is a vitally important element of the criminal justice process.

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