Intake Deputy Probation Officers (DPOs) are assigned to geographic areas that overlap existing field service area office boundaries. Intake DPOs are responsible for responding to referrals for minors exhibiting behavior problems such as incorrigibility, truancy, running away, and other pre-delinquent conduct. Referrals may be initiated by parents, schools, Probation, public, private or community agencies.

Assessments will be made to determine the appropriate case needs and services to be provided. It is a goal of the program to connect families to resources that prevent the need for court action and removal of the minor from home. These may include crisis intervention, referrals to outside agencies, e.g., Schools, Community Based Organizations, Police, Department of Children and Family Services, referrals to OPS for supervision under 236 WIC or 654 WIC or filing a 601a WIC petition for Incorrigibility.

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