Vision, Mission, and Values

Rebuild Lives and Provide for Healthier and Safer Communities

Enhance Public Safety, Ensure Victims’ Rights and Effect Positive Probationer Behavioral Change


We fundamentally subscribe to the fair and impartial administration of justice and embrace the following values:

Dignity & Respect for our clients, public and employees.

Integrity to do the right things for the right reasons – all of the time.

Leadership to develop an organization that is sustainable and will attain national prominence.

Rehabilitation is founded in a belief that people have the ability to transform into law-abiding individuals.

Contribution of everyone is valued and everyone has the opportunity to perform to their highest potential.

Commitment to providing service excellence to achieve positive outcomes for healthy families and communities.

Collaboration by working with others to maximize efforts and achieve positive results.

Evidence-based practices and policies as a way of assuring that our best efforts are leading to desired outcomes.

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