Special Program Supervision

Probationer May Also Be Placed On One Of These Special Program Caseloads:

Driving Under the Influence
This Federally Funded program, through the Office of Traffic Safety, seeks to reduce the number of drunk driving related accidents and fatalities in the City of Pomona. Probation Officers assigned to this program see probationers at least once a month in the office, or in the community. They also work with local police and Highway Patrol running DUI Check Points operations to enhance the safety of the community and the effectiveness of supervision.

Alternative Treatment Caseload
This program was originally funded by a Byrne/JAG Federal Grant for the reduction of state prison commitments through enhanced, Evidence-based practices in probation supervision to improve probation outcomes. The Alternative Treatment Caseload program is currently funded through California Senate Bill 678, which continues in the original mission of the Byrne/JAG Federal grant.  In short, probationers complete probation successfully, and have the tools to remain crime free, will be an impact on both public safety and state prison commitments. This is the most intensive level of supervision for adult probationer, and uses Cognitive Behavioral Journals and intensive counseling to affect positive address risk factors and effect positive behavioral change.

Financial Evaluation Team
In addition to the supervision services, the Probation Department provides a Financial Evaluation Team to assist probationers in paying their court ordered victim restitution, fine, fees, and cost of supervision. Located in all Probation area offices, the Financial Evaluators will use information provided by the probationer to determine how much they can afford to pay towards these court ordered charges.

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