Placement Administrative Services (PAS)

Provides administrative support services for cases in which the Delinquency Court orders a youth to suitable placement. PAS is critical in the initial placement of youth in foster care.  PAS ensures appropriate processing of all necessary documentation to provide funding and services to youth from the time they are ordered to placement until the time the order is terminated or the youth completes the placement program, or the youth is reunited with their family.

Prospective Authorization Utilization Review Unit & Out-Of-Home Screening Unit

This unit serves as the single point of contact for DPOs to clear all out-of-home placement recommendations prior to the submission of the report to the court.  This unit also assists DPOs with receipt and processing of referrals for community-based services (in lieu of out-of-home placement) such as Functional Family Therapy, Multi-Systemic Therapy, Family Preservation and Functional Family Probation.

Residential-Based Services (RBS)

Is responsible for case management and monitoring of youth ordered suitably placed by the Juvenile Court in placements.  Seventy (70) RBS Deputy Probation Officers work with the youth and families to identify areas of strength and risk in order to develop appropriate case plan to ensure prompt reunification and/or permanency.  The work preformed by RBS is mandated in large part through state and federal regulations, such as Division 31 of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).

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Placement to Community Transition Services (PCTS)

Supports families as youth transition home from out-of-home care settings and provides intensive in-home supervision and treatment services utilizing Functional Family Probation (FFP) Supervision and/or Functional Family Therapy (FFT), and provides linkage to Wraparound Services. PCTS also provides these services to youth ordered “Home on Probation” in an effort to prevent eventual out of home placement.

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