In accordance with California Penal Code 1269c, the Bail Deviation Program is a free service that is available to any adult in jail (inmate) for an “open” (no criminal charges filed with the court) felony or misdemeanor charge in Los Angeles County.

Bail Deviation Program Procedures:

Conduct telephonic interviews with the inmates
Check the inmate’s criminal background (if any)
Verify the inmate’s information with provided references
Conduct an assessment to determine the inmate’s release suitability
Contact arresting law enforcement agency for additional comments

The gathered information is provided to the on-duty bail commissioner, helping him or her in making a decision regarding the inmate’s custody status.  The bail commissioner may release the inmate on their promise to make future court appearances (without having to pay money for their release from jail) or reduce the inmate’s bail amount, making easier for them to get out of jail at a lower cost.

In addition, the service is also available to any member of law enforcement or prosecuting agencies who are seeking a change in the bail amount on an inmate, if they feel the set bail amount is too low for community safety or if the inmate is a potential flight risk.

In this instance, information is obtained telephonically from the requesting agency or law enforcement officer, and is presented to the on-duty bail commissioner for a decision.

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