Volunteers and interns are among our most valued partners.  Probation Department volunteers and interns serve in functions that support and strengthen the work of probation officers in institutions and in the community.  For example, our faith-based volunteers serve the spiritual needs of youth in detention centers and camps.  Volunteers and interns can also be found throughout the system conducting activities that improve the well-being of youth from health and fitness to providing education, cultural and entertainment events.  Special holidays are filled with volunteer-based activities that edify the lives of youth on probation.    


The Department offers multiple opportunities to become volunteers.   

Below are application links for our VISTO Volunteer Program, College Internship Program, Reserve Deputy Volunteers, and Chaplain Program.  These links will provide additional details. 

For more information, please email the following program coordinators:

VISTO Program Application (Volunteer Probation Application and 
Volunteer Chaplain Program)



College Internship



Reserve Deputy Probation




Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

Please note that effective October 1, 2021, volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must provide proof of full vaccination. Therefore, new applicants must submit proof of vaccination prior to commencing any volunteer assignment for the Department.

We look forward to counting on your support and talents to advance the important work of the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

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