• April 16, 2024

Statement on AB218 Lawsuits

Statement on AB218 Lawsuits

Statement on AB218 Lawsuits 300 300 Peter Okoye

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April 16, 2024


Statement on AB218 Lawsuits

The vast majority of the AB218 lawsuits against the Probation Department allege misconduct from well over ten years ago, long before the current Probation and County leadership was in place. 


Most of the lawsuits do not provide names or any other readily identifiable information about alleged defendants. We have repeatedly asked plaintiffs’ attorneys for the names of alleged defendants, as we want to ensure no alleged offenders have contact with youth in our care. Of the employees we were able to identify, some are deceased, others retired so long ago their records have been purged, and those who are currently with the Department have been put on leave pending both internal and external investigations. Eight have left the Department, with two cases referred to the District Attorney.


Los Angeles County and its Probation Department do not tolerate sexual harassment, exploitation, or assault by or against any of its employees or those who have been entrusted in their care. We take all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, investigate each one, and have robust policies and procedures designed to prevent sexual abuse and ensure the safety of our youth. Such misconduct is absolutely deplorable, and we will do our best to ensure that nothing like this happens.


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