Online Payment

Online Financial Obligation Credit Card Payment Option

Eligibility to use this service:

  1. Active Adult Supervision Case
  2. Minimum payment amount to use this service is $20.00*
  3. Maximum payment accepted is $7,500.00*

* If your account balance or your payment is less than $20.00 or more than $7,500.00 please mail your payment to:

Los Angeles County Probation Department
P.O. Box 60997
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0997

Please write your Department of Treasurer Tax Collector (DTTC) account number on all payments submitted.

The use of fraudulently acquired or transferred credit/debit cards and the fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of credit cards to make payments on court ordered financial obligations will be referred to the agencies authorized by law to investigate and prosecute violations of criminal law and may result in the filing of new charges as well as violations of probation. Further applicable terms and conditions are set forth in the Terms of Use.

By checking the check box, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above statement.


To obtain your DTTC account number or probation X-number, please call 1-866-931-2222

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