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Youth Development Services-Independent living Program (YDS-ILP)

YDS-ILP  is designed to assist eligible youth in establishing the skills, training, education and financial assistance to transition to leading successful lives as independent adults. To qualify, a youth must be placed in foster care placement that receives state or federal foster care funds between the age of 16 and 19 years old. A qualifying placement is a Short-term Residential Therapeutic Program (formerly known as a group home).ILP services are voluntary and may require verification, justification, need and availability of funding. Services are provided by ILP Coordinators who are assigned to Service Planning Area (SPA) 1-8. ILP eligible youth living out of county or out of state are to contact the ILP Coordinator in SPA 1.

Youth ages 16-21may be eligible for multiple services that are Chafee funded:
  • Education: college/university tuition assistance, books/supplies, computer, exam fees, program fees, educational clothing, high school graduation expenses, GED or diploma incentives and college tours.
  • Jobs/Skills Training Development: tools, dues, work and interview clothing, and vocational tuition and fees.
  • Housing Assistance: emergency housing allowance, move-in and security deposit costs, rental assistance for dorms and apartment, apartment/dorm start-up assistance.
  • life Skills: Individualized Transition Skills Program {ITSP), driving lessons, automobile insurance and youth conferences.
Other supportive services Included, but not limited to:
  • Housing referrals.
  • Employment referrals and readiness programs such as Bridge to Work.
  • Transportation (Youth Moving On TAP Card Program, Bus Tokens, Airfare/Bus fare)
  • Medical and mental health expenses.
  • Food assistance.
  • Immigration expenses.
  • Financial incentives: National Youth in Transition Database survey, ITSP participation, conferences and more.
  • Identity Theft Protection Program (ITPP) to help affected youths mediate and resolve fraudulent activities impairing their creditworthiness.
  • College Summit and Success Is Our Future events offering accessibility to post-secondary pursuits and a graduation ceremony for probation foster youth with scholarship awards, respectively.

Transition Age Youth (TAY) are offered  ILP presentations while in the group home. All TAYs can access ilponline.org for more information and a list of ILP Coordinators through the Contact Us menu.

Do you need financial assistance for your future?

Would you like money for senior expenses and graduating high school?
Do you need money for college or vocational school?
Do you need housing assistance? Money for transportation?
Do you need employment services or money for driving lessons?

Youth Development Services (YDS) provides services and resources for foster youth, previously or currently placed in a Short-Term Residential Treatment Center (formerly Group Home) at the age of 16 or older.

YDS can help you successfully transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

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