Family Preservation


Family Preservation (FP) is an integrated, comprehensive approach to strengthening and preserving families who are at risk of or already experiencing problems in family functioning, with the goal of assuring the emotional,  social,  educational and spiritual development of children in a  safe and nurturing environment.

  • State Legislation (AB 546) allowed Los Angeles County in January 1991 to establish a comprehensive group of community-based networks and services to protect children while they remained within their homes. This is called the Family Preservation Approach.
  • Los Angeles County established Community Family Preservation Agency in each community to provide comprehensive, coordinated services—currently there are  40 Family Preservation Agencies with 64 sites throughout Los Angeles County.
  • Program funded by Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).
Community Family Preservation Agencies
  • Families referred to Family Preservation Agencies from L.A. County DCFS and Probation Department
  • Agencies subcontract with community agencies
  • Multi-disciplinary case planning conferences to develop individualized service plans
  • Services provided for six (6) months; can be extended to one (1) year.
Family Preservation Core Services
  • Weekly In-Home Visitation/Counseling
  • Parent Training
  • Self-Help/Family Support Groups
  • Teaching and Demonstrating Homemaking
  • Substitute Adult Role Model
  • Child-Focused Activities
  • Therapeutic Day Treatment (Probation youth)
  • Transportation
Supplementary and Linkage Services
  • Child Care
  • Education Services
  • Health Care Services
  • Housing Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Regional Center Services
  • Special Education
  • Employment/Training Services
  • Developmental services
  • Drug Testing
  • Auxiliary Funds
  • Domestic Violence Classes
  • Respite Services
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Healthy Start Support Services
Family Preservation Goals
  • Assure the safety of children in their home while receiving the Family Preservation Services;
  • Empower families to resolve their own problems;
  • Enhance family functioning by building on family strengths;
  • Identify problems early and resolve them;
  • Decrease the need for system resources over time; and
  • Break multigenerational patterns of risk for families.
Family Preservation Key Principles
  • Child safety is the top priority
  • Views families holistically and as a unit, in the context of their communities
  • Emphasizes family strengths
  • Offers a flexible package of comprehensive, coordinated community-based supportive services tailored to needs of each family
  • Affirms cultural values of family, community
  • Involves the community in building and providing resources for families
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