Keeping Communities Safe Special Enforcement Operations Promote Public Safety A unique group of men and women work in Probation’s Special Enforcement Operations (SEO) to promote safety in communities across L.A. County. Highly trained DPOs and K9 Units protect public safety by focusing on ensuring that narcotic dealers, gang members and probationers who possessed weapons are abiding by the terms of their probation. SEO also works with other local law enforcement agencies, the Department of Children and Family Services, the District Attorney’s Office, and members of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Task Force to protect victims of human trafficking and to detain those who would exploit children. Due to these efforts, SEO has improved public safety and reduced the amount of weapons and narcotics on the street in L.A. County. Removing Guns from the Streets Arms Recovery/Reduction Management (DISARM) The DISARM unit of Probation ensures community safety by targeting areas of high gang crime and focusing on high-risk probationers who have been prohibited from possessing firearms. This unit also enforces conditions levied by the court that prohibits probationers from leaving a specific geographic area. Passive Alert Canine (K9) Detection Program Police departments have used dogs to facilitate the search for illicit drugs and firearms for decades. In November 2017, L.A. County implemented the Probation Department’s first K9 unit consisting of traditional narcotics detection K9s, and established California’s first probation K9 unit dedicated to the passive detection of firearms. These four-legged professional partners have made a tangible impact when it comes to searching probationers’ residences, businesses and vehicles, especially in situations where probation officers alone could easily miss finding contraband in overly cluttered and densely packed spaces. Trained K9s have proven their ability to work fast and effectively over and over, ensuring that offenders follow the conditions of their probation. The numbers show that K9s aid significantly in keeping communities safe by detecting controlled substances and firearms. Probation’s K9s also support continual efforts to detect contraband in the Department’s juvenile institutions. 119 Rifles/Shotguns 477 Kilos of Cocaine 449 Handguns 33,273 Grams of Heroin Confiscated Items 2018 Special Enforcement Operations K9 Unit 10,433 Rounds of Ammunition 1,756 Pounds of Methamphetamine 63 BB Guns 1,182 Pounds of Marijuana $5,190,660 Cash Confiscated Items 2018 Special Enforcement Operations (CLEAR, DISARM, AB 109 Armed, and Task Forces) 39 Rifles/Shotguns