The Probation Department’s Information Systems Bureau (ISB) provides desktop, application, and data services to support the Department’s management and staff. Under the leadership of Chief Probation Officer Terri McDonald, Probation is focused on using evidenced- based practices, making data-driven decisions, and implementing reforms for improved public safety and rehabilitation outcomes. ISB plays a vital role in executing the Department’s strategy by aligning business needs; streamlining workflow and resource support; focusing on data management to enable the Department to make informed decisions; collaborating with other County Departments and stakeholders, as well as entities of oversight; and providing overarching visibility of IT investments. ISB accomplished several major advancements and made notable progress on several important projects during 2018: Court Document Preparation and Record-Keeping – Probation released the second major version of its Probation Enterprise Document Management System (PEDMS). Key improvements make it easier for Deputy Probation Officers to enter data; simplify and expedite court report preparation; allow linking of juvenile and adult cases; enable electronic sending of dictated reports; and simplify the PEDMS login process without sacrificing its security. IT Governance – The Probation Department formed a Probation Information Technology Executive Committee (PITEC) team to govern IT processes, prioritize projects, allocate resources, plan projects, ensure ongoing support, and align projects with strategies that improve client and community outcomes. Information Technology (IT) Project Management Office (PMO) – This new office implements industry-proven project and program management tools and processes and provides project managers to drive project success. The PMO is focused on timeliness, cost effectiveness, and, most importantly, achievement of each project’s intended business benefits. Victim Restitution – Working with the Department’s Finance Team, ISB built new capability in the Adult Probation System interface to facilitate victim restitution on mandatory supervision cases. Users may now enter cases and place them on hold until the probationer leaves custody. Additionally, the enhancement enables linkage of Probation accounts with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s accounts to report current restitution balances. Laptop Security Management – ISB completed the cloud-based technology infrastructure to track and service all laptops and other mobile equipment. Staff can now enjoy more automated delivery of virus protection updates, software and operating system patches, and access rights for data and equipment protection. Closed-Circuit TV Systems to Promote Safety and Accountability in Halls and Camps – In collaboration with the Detention Services Bureau, ISB completed the design and estimate for closed-circuit television security at Central Juvenile Hall. Installation will begin upon capital project approval. Grievance Management Project – In collaboration with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, ISB has developed and implemented a prototype that gives youth in halls and camps the ability to submit grievances via their computers while in school. The project plans to go live in early 2019. Probation Facilities Management System – Probation needed a better way to track facility work order requests, budgets, and project outcomes. A new system developed in fall 2018 ensured timely completion of work orders and preventive maintenance. New Public Website Launches The Los Angeles County Probation Department rolled out a new public-facing website in 2018 to better serve clients and the community. The organization of the redesigned site takes into account those who are most likely to need information from Probation (adults on probation, youth and their families, victims, individuals paying restitution, job seekers, and the media) and provides the answers to many of their frequently asked questions. Information on the new site has been updated for accuracy and can be found under the top menu bars. Other features include a redesigned news section, videos about the Department and its staff, the Department’s Twitter Feed embedded into the site, and updated photos reflecting the Department’s new facilities and programs. L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report 59 58 L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report