ADULT SERVICES L.A. County Probation Adult Services supervises the nation’s largest population of adults reentering communities under court-ordered supervision. With the objective to assist adult clients with a successful completion of their probation supervision, Probation plays a distinct role as a local law enforcement agency focused on rebuilding lives. Adult Services consists of four bureaus: Adult CORE Services Bureau that oversees fifteen field probation area offices and supervises approximately 30,000 clients in the community; Pretrial Services Bureau providing courts with critical information on a defendant’s eligibility for pretrial release programs, and supports the responsibilities related to public safety; Adult Investigative Services Bureau which consists of Central Adult Investigations, Special Enforcement Operations (SEO), Adult Services Court Officer Team (ASCOT), Proposition 63 and Central Records; and the Post-Release Community Supervision (AB 109) Bureau that supervises over 9,906 clients and consists of six standalone supervision offices and eight additional co-located offices throughout the county. “Recent criminal justice reforms rely on probation departments to continue to provide traditional probation services while also expanding pretrial services, implementing various diversion programs, and conducting investigations for the court. The nature and pace of change, coupled with the focus on restorative justice, requires continued collaboration between the Los Angeles County Probation Department, the Los Angeles Superior Court and all other justice partners.” — Judge Sam Ohta, Supervising Judge, Criminal Division, Los Angeles Superior Court Adult Services strengthens community safety through collaborative rehabilitative strategies that successfully facilitate probation clients’ reentry into families and communities. L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report 37 36 L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report