in the 2018 Inter-agency Biggest Loser contest. A “Pop-up Motivation” program rolled out in May 2018, providing daily motivational messages when staff log in to a departmental computer. Probation sponsored a Countywide Lunch and Learn program at its training center, and the Department’s softball team won the Countywide Fitness Challenge tournament and were recognized for the accomplishment at a Board of Supervisors meeting. Peer Support Program Rolls Out A Peer Support team, in collaboration with labor partners and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, has been developed as part of efforts to address the needs of Probation’s dedicated staff. Peer Support is a system of giving and receiving help from experienced peers founded on key principles of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual agreement of what is helpful. The Department has recruited staff volunteers who demonstrate excellent work histories to help their peers during times of personal and occupational stress. Peer Support Advocates are effective listeners who understand stressors associated with the job and assess and refer staff to appropriate resources as necessary. The Peer Support program is available for both sworn and non-sworn employees and is voluntary and confidential. Employee Wellness Chief Probation Officer Terri McDonald recognizes the value of maintaining and supporting a healthy work-life balance for all Probation staff. Since her arrival in 2017, the Chief has tasked several units with developing programs, services, contests, challenges, and other incentivized events aimed at supporting employee’s health and well-being. Probation has developed a formal wellness plan and program that utilizes a network of employee “Wellness Champions” who serve as leaders for wellness activities at their worksite and who participate in planning and event support activities. The wellness plan has led to many departmental wellness enhancements and activities including the formation of a Peer Support program, staffed by specially-trained volunteer Peer Support Representatives who can support their fellow employees dealing with stressful challenges at work or at home. Activities in 2018 included enhanced County events as well as Department-sponsored events such as softball tournaments, picnics, and seminars on healthy living. In April 2018, Probation sponsored a “Walk with the Chief” event at the Countywide Fitness Event with Chief McDonald, followed with a picnic for staff. Wellness Champions led Department teams to compete The Berlin-Los Angeles Connection Probation Officers Share Lessons and Ideas Across the Pond In 2018, probation officers from L.A. County and Berlin, Germany participated in an exchange program, visiting each city to gain firsthand knowledge about another jurisdiction’s probation services, programs, and customs. Staying in probation officer’s homes while in the host city, the teams also got real-world experience in the daily lives of their probation counterparts. “This exchange program reminds us of how important and valuable it is to share best practices, not only within our state and our country, but around the world,” said Third District County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl when the delegation from Berlin Probation were recognized at a Board meeting in 2018. The Probation Family In Memoriam 2018 We honor the memory of these Probation family members who passed away in 2018: Perry Amos Supervising Deputy Probation Officer Richard Bacon Detention Services Officer Robert Castillo Senior General Maintenance Worker Stephanie DeFiore Deputy Probation Officer II Pamela Fischer Intermediate Typist-Clerk Diane Ingle Assistant Senior Department Personnel Shalonda Lawrence Program Analyst John Lupher Group Supervisor, Nights George Mayhorn Supervising Detention Services Officer Jorge Miranda Institutional Laborer Stephen Napoli Assistant Probation Director Bernice Nguyen Intermediate Typist-Clerk Michaeles Salgado Detention Services Officer Ronald Taylor Crew Instructor Winfred Welch Field Deputy Probation Officer II “Twenty years ago, I took part in this exchange program and I am glad to be here again. I was surprised to see so many changes in a positive direction and the new approaches in probation work.” — Berlin’s Assistant Chief Probation Officer Klaus Chinea Correa 70 L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report