0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 Halls Camps 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 YOUTH-ON- YOUTH VIOLENCE STAFF ASSAULTS OC SPRAY DEPLOYMENTS DOWN 14.7% IN 2018 Incidents 1125 986 294 169 257 104 558 519 296 314 1156 1148 2273 Total 2142 Total 608 Total 465 Total 776 Total 662 Total 2018 Physical Interventions and Use of OC Spray Camps Deployed 11% 89% Not involving OC Spray Deployed 31% 69% Not involving OC Spray Halls Safe Crisis Management in Juvenile Residential Facilities Probation continues to focus on reducing violence in juvenile facilities which lead to the use of physical interventions, including the use of OC spray (commonly known as pepper spray) on youth in detention. Probation continued to increase staff training, provide additional youth programming, and employ increased de-escalation practices throughout the year. As the chart shows, a positive downward trend was realized in 2018 related to youth-on-youth assaults, assaults on staff, and the use of OC Spray, but much more must be done. In 2019, Probation will continue to prioritize the safety of our staff and detained youth by focusing on reducing reliance on physical interventions. Plans include increasing rehabilitative and trauma informed services, enhancing staff de-escalation skills, updating policies and review protocols associated with physical interventions, and implementing the phasing out of OC spray in juvenile facilities. Critical Incidents Trend Analysis L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report 23 22 L.A. County Probation Department | 2018 Annual Report