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In June, 2022, the Los Angeles County Probation Department partnered with “Educating Young Minds” and the Los Angeles Superior Court to host twelve female students from University Pathways Medical Magnet Academy (UMED) on a tour of the Airport Courthouse. “Educating Young Minds” is a community-based educational and tutorial program that provides supportive services and scholarships for young students. Deputy Probation Officer II Ranson coordinated the day’s activities. She also sits on the alumni board of “Educating Young Minds.” “It’s a full-circle moment for me. I started as a student with ‘Educating Young Minds.’ Now, I enjoy working with the students and mentoring them. Today gives them a different perspective on the criminal justice system and the court system as a whole,” expressed DPO II Ranson. During the tour, the young ladies visited court departments 31, 71, and 90. In addition, they observed some of the court hearings and chatted with two female judges during their time at the court house. “Our plan was strategically done to ensure the young ladies saw the women in the courts. We made sure they observed female judges and attorneys so they can see that this can be achieved, and this is possible,” DPO II Ranson shared.

District Attorney Humphrey and Public Defender Blossom were also instrumental in executing the tour. They entertained all the young ladies’ questions and briefly educated them on the penal codes, court proceedings, legal terms, taking the judicial oath, felony convictions, and much more.  “Today was informative, and it was way different from the television shows we see. I’m really glad we came,” expressed a student.

Thank you, DPO Ranson and SDPO Ramirez of Probation’s Mental Health Housing Court Program, for coordinating the tour. It’s efforts such as this that broaden the minds of young people and encourage them to continue dreaming big dreams.

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SDPO Lorretta English, Director Earl Estell, SDPO Supradit Prartnadi, SDPO Jose Ramirez Jr.

January 2022 – Congratulations to the Los Angeles County Probation Department’s Mental Health Housing Court Program for being recognized as a “2021 National Association of Counties Achievement Award Winner” in the Criminal Justice and Public Safety category. The 2021 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards recognize endeavors demonstrating best practices and innovative programs. In 2021, NACo recognized 844 programs from across the country in 18 different categories. One hundred sixteen entries were submitted, and the department’s Mental Health Housing Court Program (MHHC) was one of the programs chosen to receive this prestigious recognition. The Mental Health Housing Court Program was also the 2021 California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Award Winner. CSAC’s panel of judges reviewed 433 entries from around the State, including 22 submissions from departments across the County of Los Angeles. Of the 28 Merit Awards issued, five were granted to the County. The Mental Health Housing Court Program was one of the five programs that received a Merit Award.

The Mental Health Housing Court Program is a CORE Adult Bureau supervision program for mentally ill/homeless clients who receive housing and mental health treatment upon release from county jail. Under the leadership of Director E. Estell, this program continues to make a difference and provide supervision to the mentally ill/homeless population. MHHC DPOs conduct a home visit within 48 hours of the client’s release from custody. The program is unique. Unlike the traditional form of supervision where the client must report to the office, the MHHC DPO visits their client at least two (2) times a month at their home or housing program location. The goal of MHHC program is to meet and provide support and guidance to a very high-risk population. This goal is accomplished by collaborating with housing case managers and treatment providers to ensure clients follow their treatment plans and goals. Congratulations to the Mental Health Housing Court Program for receiving these prestigious honors. The Los Angeles County Probation Department salutes you!


                                                                                                               Santa Monica Probation Community Job and Resource Fair

“Within the Mental Health Housing Court Program, we serve one of the most vulnerable populations transient homeless individuals that suffer from mental health issues. Therefore, today’s community fair is important to us, and we wanted to provide hygiene bags and clothing for our clients and the community,” offered SDPO D. English.



Mental Health Housing Court and Diversion Program Santa Monica Area Office Annual Toy Drive

On December 20th, the Los Angeles County Probation Department’s Mental Health Housing Court (MHHC) program Deputies hosted a Holiday celebration at First to Serve Housing, where eight clients and their children enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship and fun. The Deputies gave the children clothing and several toys of their choice, and lunch was provided by Tamales Liliana’s. Staff also provided the expecting mothers with everyday essentials. The children were excited, and the mothers expressed sincere gratitude for the DPOs kind gestures. In total, the MHHC program collected and purchased more than 200 toys and 75 pieces of clothing.  As a result, they distributed toys to 89 children at six different housing locations.

“This is a positive step to bridge the community gap and show them that we are not their enemies. We are here to help and assist them in being successful in life. It also sets an example for the kids that people care,” shared DPO II Perez of the MHHC program. “It’s the Holiday season, and if everyone does just a little bit, it’s beautiful.”


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