Tiffany Haddish Inspires Girls at Camp Scott mission to assist local foster care pro- grams throughout the United States. Over 85 percent of Probation youth have experienced the child welfare sys- tem, either due to foster care placement or allegations of abuse and neglect. The foundation seeks to raise awareness of the foster care system and provide funds and luggage for those impacted. Haddish sent suitcases to the camp to be given to the girls upon release. Remembering her days in the fos- ter care system, Haddish knows that suitcases offer the girls a sense of own- ership of their belongings and provide a safe and decent place to keep the things most valuable to them. Haddish’s commitment and dedication to leav- ing a positive mark on the lives of L.A. County Probation youth will always be appreciated and remembered. The girls at Camp Scott got a happy surprise when they received an unex- pected visit from actress, comedienne, and author Tiffany Haddish in January. L.A. native Haddish, the star of hit films “Night School” and “Girls Trip”, shares a common background with many of the girls at Camp Scott—she once was part of the foster care system. While touring the camp, the only all-girls residential facility in the L.A. County Probation system, Haddish offered invaluable advice about grow- ing up and finding their way in the system. She talked with the girls about her personal experiences in foster care and overcoming homelessness. The life lessons she shared about her journey resonated with the youth; many are going through a similar journey filled with the trauma and pain that comes with a childhood of instability. In lighter moments, Haddish entertained the girls with her funny stories and radiant per- sonality. Her thoughtful visit inspired the girls to persevere in their journey. Haddish often uses her celebrity platform to elevate and uplift youth in communities around her. She started the She Ready Foundation, with a The life lessons she shared about her journey resonated with the youth; many are going through a similar journey filled with the trauma and pain that comes with a childhood of instability. Campus Kilpatrick Update Since fires ravaged the area around Campus Kilpatrick in November 2018, followed by flooding rains, the facility has remained closed. While most of the facility itself was spared from the fires, the effects of water, heat and mud caused considerable damage to this flagship facility. A plan for rebuilding is finally underway. New grading will divert water away from the facility in the future to protect its new inside walls and floors. Many adjacent buildings at Camp Miller suffered permanent damage. The Department of Public Works is currently creating plans to rebuild parts of the physical plant, including power and data lines and the sewage treatment plant. These plant repairs will take significant time and resources. An exact date where the staff and youth can return will depend upon the full functionality and safety of Camp Kilpatrick for both the employees and the youth residing there. Camp Scott Youth Council Outreach Camp Joseph Scott, the only all- female camp in Probation’s system, recently held an outreach and community event to bridge the gap of understanding and communication among the community, parents, and other agencies regarding the services and opportunities provided to its residents. Hosted by the “Creative Justice Seekers,” who are members of Probation’s Restorative Justice Youth Council, a panel of youth spoke about their personal experiences with and perspectives on camp services. A large number of youth and speakers got the opportunity to talk directly to 26 Deputy District Attorneys, representatives from the 2nd and 3rd Board of Supervisors Districts, parents, partner agencies, the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s executive leadership, and Probation staff. Camp Scott Director Sharmane Franklin created this special event that broughtthisdiversegrouptogetherafter a Probation Reform Implementation Team (PRIT) community meeting. Probation staff had felt surprised by some of the misinformation and inaccuracies that had recently come out about the camp. They wanted to provide an event where the community could see and experience a different story. “After hearing the staff express feeling ‘beat up’ by the community and media, I wanted to do something,” Franklin described. “I decided that we needed to educate and/or bridge the gap of communication between the community and other agencies. I felt we needed to tell our own story. I felt the youth needed to tell our story.” Franklin further explained that the event answered a need to educate the community about the miraculous work that the dedicated staff perform daily with the youth. “Probation staff are amazing and do an awesome job providing services to our youth,” Franklin said. “The feedback regarding the event has been all positive. The staff feel good; the youth feel good. It was a good day at Camp Scott!” “Probation staff are amazing and do an awesome job providing services to our youth.” – Sharmane Franklin Camp Scott Director JUVENILE SERVICES JUVENILE SERVICES The Probation Department The Probation Department 8 9