WHATS INSIDE: •  Probation Team’s Victory in Baker to Vegas Relay •  IT Strike Team Puts Tech Center Stage •  Los Padrinos Hall to Close •  Tiffany Haddish Surprises Girls at Camp Scott ...the Probation Department will allocate $3.2 million from Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) funds to the respective foundations. History-Making Partnership Funds Youth Services It’s not just any partnership that catches the attention of the Obama Foundation. Yet, a recent partnership between the Probation Department and two of the area’s leading grant makers did just that. In partnership with the Liberty Hill Foundation and the California Community Foundation, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved a historic public/private partnership in February that will funnel funds more quickly to a wide variety of new community-based organizations. This funding will dramatically increase services and opportunities for existing Probation youth and toward diverting at-risk youth from entering the criminal justice system altogether. To begin, the Probation Department will allocate $3.2 million from Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) funds to the respective foundations. These foundations will in turn set up a grant process for grassroots and emerging community-based organizations. These new, and often smaller, organizations will benefit from faster funding and improved access to County contract funding. Expanding grant opportunities and resources for programs keeps vulnerable youth out of the justice system and helps those in the system transition back into the community. These programs provide the critical socio-emotional support proven to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system, while also cutting the recidivism rates of those who have. With this new partnership, L.A. County will continue to lead the nation, demonstrating how an effective community-based model focused on prevention and treatment not only decreases the number of youth incarcerated, but also improves chances for more youth to earn their high school diplomas, become gainfully employed, and decrease the likelihood of incarceration as an adult. By providing these services within the youths’ own communities, the organizations supported by these funds will also make it easier for the families to access. With a shared goal to provide youth rehabilitative programs centered on healing, learning, and opportunity, organizations and programs will receive funding for their critical work advancing education, mental health, cultural and workforce programs. The organizations will also benefit from Liberty Hill’s proven track record of coalition- building, training, and support to build their capacity for growth and success. The planning, individualized coaching and cohort-based trainings will also help them compete more successfully for future funding. The Probation Department actively workstoestablishrelationshipswithlocal non-profits committed to expanding programs that improve the health of youth and their families. Probation continued on page 6 REBUILDING LIVES, PROVIDING FOR HEALTHIER & SAFER COMMUNITIES 2019 / 1ST QUARTER