L.A. County Probation also recognizes that their participation could not have happened without the volunteers who provided fantastic support to the runners throughout the night: Alva George, Thomas Holland, Maria Holland, Lisset Escobar, Yvonne Meredith, Raul Landeros, Jorge Lopez-Chavez, Julio Avila, Rosanne Villasenor, Ignacio Mayen, William Bivens, Yvette Perdomo, Angela Rodriguez, Timothy Vallez, Damion Rodriguez, Paul Chavez, Cynthia Lavarreda, Gustavo Mojarro, Johana Lara, Lisa Ramos, Andrea Carmouche, Myshauna Alexande, Marisa Ron, Exinia Lavarreda, Antonio Mascorro, Stacy Hampton, Gisselle Osorio, Geraldine Gonzalez, Trene Tipler, Norma Godinez, Esther Symonds, and Monties Dedmon. Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team: Dwight Thompson, DPO II; Damien Murphy, DPO II; Audra Andrade, DPO II; Breana Castro, DSO; Fabian Lopez , GSN; William Brigges, DPO I; Paul Lo, DPO I; Adam Bettino, Director; John Roque, DPO II; Daniel Monarrez, DPO II; Amanda Mendez , DPO I; Ismael Rodriguez, DSO; Rebecca Rios, DSO; Eric Corral, DPO II; Javier Hoil, DPO II; Mark Loria , DPO I; Enrique Alvarenga , DSO; Michael De Leon, DSO; Elizabeth Guevara , DSO; Tony Oshiro, SDPO Alternates: Brian Collins, DPO I; Daniel Rodriguez, GSN; Marcela Mascorro, DPO II; David Tsushima, SDPO; Raul Landeros, GSN; Rosanne Villasenor, DPO II; Damion Rodriguez, DSO; Ivette Perdomo, DPO II; Valeri Serna, DSO Run Like the Wind PROBATION PLACES 5TH IN MIXED RACE DIVISION AT BAKER TO VEGAS CHALLENGE CUP RELAY Run Like the Wind (continued) L.A. County’s road-running probation officers “mugged” again after placing fifth in the Mixed Division category of the highly-competitive Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay on March 23-24, receiving the traditional mug for their elite performance. The 120-mile, 20-stage foot race from Baker, Calif., to Las Vegas, Nev., is law enforcement’s most prestigious relay run. Thousands of runners from law enforcement and public safety agencies all over the world embrace the challenge of running day and night through the Mojave Desert to complete the arduous course. In fact, the 2019 first-place finish went to Central America’s Belize Police Department with a time of 12:49:44. L.A. County Probation’s time of 16 hours, 12 minutes, 14 seconds earned fifth place out of 22 teams in the Mixed Division (minimum five female runners). Of the 284 teams that competed in this year’s race, Probation finished 66th overall. During the last three legs, DSO Miguel De Leon (LPJH) did an amazing job when he passed about 14 runners. He handed off to DSO Elizabeth Guevara (CJH) who battled several male runners to keep De Leon’s lead intact. DSO Guevara passed the baton to SDPO Tony Oshiro who fended off Modesto Police Department with a come-from-behind surge to pass them in the last quarter-mile of the race. As hard as they tried, Modesto could not regain the lead. Oshiro ran the baton home for L.A. County Probation, to a greeting by Chief Terri McDonald and the rest of the Baker to Vegas Team. Probation Welcomes New Chief of Staff Tom Faust joined Probation’s leadership team in March. Faust will serve as a Deputy Director in the role of Chief of Staff assisting in overseeing administrative functions, including Financial Services, Human Resources, Contracts and Grants, Management Services, Information Technology, and Professional Accountability, and the Systems Accountability Bureau (Employee Relations and Performance Management). He will also work to move critical projects forward by helping operations and administrative support in collaborating to solve challenges. Faust brings with him over 34 years of experience in criminal justice and organizational leadership, including 28 years in executive management in public safety. He has directed both local governments and private sector organizations. Faust served for five years as Director of Corrections for the District of Columbia, a Cabinet- level position of the Executive Office of the Mayor, and one of the largest local detention systems in the nation with responsibility for administering institutional and community-based correctional services. Faust has also served as Vice President for Industry Relations with Aramark Correctional Services, where he developed corporate marketing, outreach and quality assurance strategies. Prior to joining Probation, he led the National Sheriffs’ Association, a non-profit professional association representing over 21,000 members. Faust also served as the elected Sheriff for Arlington County, Virginia, for three consecutive terms and holds a master’s degree in public administration. ADMINISTRATION, PEOPLE, PLACES, ACCOLADES ADMINISTRATION, PEOPLE, PLACES, ACCOLADES The Probation Department The Probation Department 14 15