• July 20, 2018




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For Immediate Release:
July 20, 2018

People with the flag behind them.

During the week of July 15th through the 21st, 2018, people across the United States and Canada will join together to recognize the work that probation, parole, and community supervision professionals do for our public safety. This year, the theme is “Clients, Employees, and Communities – Power through Partnerships”. Working together makes for stronger bonds between colleagues, community partners, and with those under supervision. 

Members of our community are encouraged to join together during Pretrial, Probation, Parole Supervision Week to honor those who work to make our communities a safer place to live. This week we will be spotlighting the employees who make Los Angeles County Probation the finest probation department in the world.

Los Angeles County Probation Staff are proud to support organizations, causes and events that support healthy families, communities and employees throughout Los Angeles County. Whether it is walking for March of Dimes, participating in the County’s Charitable Giving Campaign or taking steps to improve their own health, L.A. County Probation employees strive to make a difference.

Probation is Up to the Challenge

The health and wellness of its employees is something that Probation takes very seriously. A Wellness Plan and Team has been created with a specific focus on three areas based on employee input: physical wellness, mental and spiritual wellness and financial wellness.

Employees take part in both Departmental and Countywide initiatives such as the Countywide Fitness Challenges to encourage healthy bodies and healthy minds. Earlier this year, Chief Probation Officer Terri L. McDonald joined Probation staff at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area for a 5k fitness walk and a day of family fun. The Challenge included a fitness boot camp, cardio dance and kick boxing sessions as well as health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index.

People Walking for a good cause.

There are many other wellness initiatives in the works. A peer support program is being created where co-workers are trained to provide support and reassurance to fellow employees who are experiencing job or personal stress, critical incidents and/or are in crisis. A chaplaincy program is also being planned where staff can receive spiritual comfort and care in times of need. At L.A. County Probation, staff are encouraged to take care of themselves and each other.

People smiling for a picture on a charity walk.

Raising Money for Good

The employees of the Los Angeles Probation Department are committed to helping others with both their time and their wallets as part of L.A. County’s Charitable Giving Campaigns. The team’s noble efforts were recognized by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for being the most improved County Department in collecting cash contributions as part of the 2017 Charitable Giving Campaign. Overall, L.A. County employees raised over $1 Million as part of this campaign.

Probation staff also donated money and encouraged others to do so as well by participating in the March of Dimes “March for Babies” event at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. The Probation team was in high spirits as they completed the three mile walk and crossed the finish line to celebratory cheers.

Probation is ready to embrace the challenge of raising even more money for worthy causes in 2018. Working together, Probation’s employee efforts are an amazing infusion of support into the communities that they serve, where many of the residents who receive services as a result of charitable donations are also Probation clients.

Positive Presence in the Community

Probation staff connects with L.A. County communities by participating in numerous events throughout the year. Whether it is job fairs for formerly justice-involved individuals, neighborhood festivals, or teaming up with L.A. County Parks and Recreation to support Parks After Dark,  L.A. Probation is there to inform the public about the good works that they do and how they can get involved to promote positive outcomes and change.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of how Probation employees serve their communities. The unsung heroes that work for L.A. County Probation truly deserve recognition for going above and beyond to make Los Angeles County a great place to live.

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