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Probation Child Welfare consists of several operations that are charged with ensuring increased outcomes for its children and families in the areas of safety, permanency and well-being.  Probation Child Welfare’s Placement Permanency & Quality Assurance (PPQA) and Residential Based Services (RBS) are two operations that are mandated to locate and place every child in a permanent home through family reunification, adoption, legal guardianship or life-long connections (Forever Friends).  Extensive data base and social media searches, family finding efforts and recruitment for foster and adoptive parents assist in making this possible. 

Los Angeles County Probation Child Welfare has completed 5 adoptions and 10 Legal Guardianships due to these efforts.  There are approximately 100 Probation foster youth that are languishing in residential care with no families to whom they may return.  At least 60% of those youth were removed from abusive homes as infants, toddlers or elementary school age, were raised in foster or group homes and eventually crossed over to Probation Child Welfare.  These are youth who need a chance at a normal life with parents who will love and support them and assist them with growing into healthy, thriving young adults. 

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For more information on how to become a Foster Parent, Adoptive Parent or a Forever Friend for Probation foster youth, please contact Lisa Campbell-Motton at (323) 240-2435 or Kendra Hamilton at (323) 395-9509.  


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