Volunteers are among our most valued partners.  Probation Department volunteers serve in functions that support and strengthen the work of probation officers in institutions and in the community.  For example, our faith-based volunteers serve the spiritual needs of youth in detention centers and camps.  Volunteers can also be found throughout the system conducting activities that improve the well-being of youth from health and fitness to providing education, cultural and entertainment events.  Special holidays are filled with volunteer-based activities that edify the lives of youth on probation.  To join our elite cadre of volunteers call 310-761-3937 or email us at

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The Reserve Deputy Probation Officer is a volunteer who reports to, and is supervised by, non-supervisor probation staff member.  He or she has received special training in-order-to assist the probation staff member in a wide range of responsibilities, which may include direct involvement with juvenile and adult probationers.  He or she is a highly motivated, skilled and caring person who wants to serve their community as a part of the Los Angeles County Probation Department.  To join the Reserve Deputy Probation Officer Volunteer Program call (909) 469-4518 or email us at

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